Purchase of base wines as success factor

For a commercial winery, dependable and successful business dealings are based on the ability to purchase the raw and base wines in a professional, competent and focused way.

Under the guidance of its owner and managing director, Ettore d’Armellina, the Vinicola CIDE winery has built up more than 40 years of experience, which is of great importance for successful and focused wine purchasing – bearing in mind that the annual wine harvest is characterised by changing weather and demand conditions.

The Italian bulk wine market is one of the largest in the world and is constantly on the move. In order to optimise decision-making and consequently achieve the objective of providing wine of consistent quality at good prices, the winery has over the years developed a recipe for success based on five attributes, namely:

  • experience
  • long-standing contacts and partnerships
  • constant market observation and¬†willingness to develop the business
  • modern sensory and chemical analytics
  • competent, focused purchasing policy

Decades of continuous growth, coupled with the appreciation shown by our partners and other market participants, prove that Vinicola CIDE has found the right recipe for success. Vinicola CIDE is today one of the most prestigious wineries in the wine region of Veneto and the home of Prosecco.

The Vinicola CIDE core business comprises Prosecco in all its known commercial forms: Frizzante, Spumante, DOC and DOCG. Additionally, we refine and bottle various still, semi-sparkling and sparkling wines originating from the home region of Veneto as well as other Italian wine regions.